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Scholarships Benefit Students While Honoring Family

Mike and Cinda McClain

Mike and Cinda McClain created endowed scholarships to support current and future QU students.

Mike and Cinda ’71 (Awerkamp) McClain have established three endowed scholarship funds at Quincy University: The Lucinda Awerkamp McClain & Michael F. McClain Scholarship Fund, the Tom & Bette Awerkamp Scholarship Fund and the Mac & Marge McClain Scholarship Fund (the latter two named in honor of Cinda’s parents and Mike’s parents, respectively).

Cinda McClain’s fondness for Quincy University began long before her freshman orientation in 1967. Growing up just down the road from campus, the Awerkamps were always connected with Quincy College in many aspects.

“My dad had been extremely active with the Mart Heinen Club and student athletes, involving all of us in social activities with students and with families like the Forresters, Ortwerths and Costigans,” she says.

Cinda recalls her college years caringly to this day. During the late 1960s, nearly 2,000 students called Quincy College home. The campus, she remembers, was often hopping with rallies, activities and guest speakers spreading messages of peace. Though it was her time in the classroom that ultimately provided Cinda with the most guidance.

“The Friars in general had a big impact [on me], but the interaction with the professors in my English major had the biggest influence; people like Don Schweda and Ridgely Pierson,” she says.

The lessons learned during her four years accompanied her through law school and into her professional career as a lawyer. Still, she knows that none of this could have been possible without the generosity of those who came before her. As the oldest of 10 children, her collegiate experience was far from guaranteed from the start.

“I knew that if I could live at home in Quincy, I might be able to get the education that I wanted,” she says. “I was very blessed to have an Illinois State Scholarship for tuition and a federal Basic Educational Opportunity Grant that covered books and fees. Those funds were a lifesaver.”

Today, Cinda and her husband, Mike, honor their respective parents through channels that also allow them to express gratitude to Quincy University. The financial gifts provided to students by way of the McClains’ three endowed scholarships benefit students and ensure the future of Quincy University.

“We realize that institutions like QU need both service and treasure from [their] supporters,” she says. “The scholarships give us an opportunity to honor our parents and try to repay the debt we have to those who made it possible for our education.”

Looking well into the future, the McClains have also included Quincy University in their estate plans.

“Making the scholarships and other charitable beneficiaries part of our estate plan lets us shore them up without any worry about our own lifetime support needs,” she says.

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